7 ways conversational AI can transform customer experience in insurance industry

Puzzel delivers new chat bot solution to insurance company If While contact centre innovations were once limited to advancements in interactive voice response (IVR) systems – to route callers to the right department – the last few years have seen the phenomenal rise of machine agents. Designed to reduce the amount of human contact time […]

Ascott launches AI-powered chatbot Cubby

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the Hospitality Sector When a hotel doesn’t have online support, its website acts more like a display than a communication channel. In logistics, the confidence of order visibility and its status is important in customer service. Bots avoid the long offline queue and provide real-time tracking of the order. This […]

MSc ACS: Artificial Intelligence 2024 entry

Artificial Intelligence Undergraduate Courses in UK By undertaking a focused research study in a specialist area, you have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge computational research informed by world-leading theoretical and applied research. This unit will prepare you for the synoptic project by introducing the scientific method and presenting the main approaches to perform, analyse, […]